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As you can see from the very catching and extremely sexy Facebook photo, in today’s #SuperstarSeries post, we are going to be talking about and planning our (yes, this includes YOU) PERFECT DAY!

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Why should we all plan out our perfect day?

By doing this, it will not only open our minds up to a day that we can only live out a few days per week (usually Saturday and Sundays), but it will also get us (yes, me too) thinking about how we can achieve our perfect day every single day of our lives.

By simply writing down (or typing out) our perfect day for us to visually look and read, it should open our eyes up to the possibilities of turning it into a reality. This is done with some planning and structure of the short, medium and long term process in order to achieve our perfect day.

Who wants to start? Nobody? Fine, I’ll go first..

“Chris, just get to the fcu$ing point already will you!”

Jeez, calm down sailor, I was just about to show you a more in-depth breakdown of my perfect day (you party popper you)!

#ZonLifeZinger: My perfect day might not seem like anything out of the ordinary to you, but in full honesty, what you are about to read (or glance over) is exactly that. I like to keep things simple and minimal.

My perfect day..

After a sufficient 7-8 hours sleep, my perfect day would roll out something VERY similar to this..

#ZonLifeZinger: I tend to work late into the next morning, sometimes until 4-5am in the morning. Therefore, I always make sure I sleep for 7-8 hours following the end of my hustle, no matter how early or late it is that I actually clock off and go to bed. For arguments sake, let’s assume I went to bed at a normal time (10pm) for the sake of this post.

6am: Wake up and immediately check my Amazon sales on my phone, of course. Then, I dressed and go and drink 500ml+ of cold water from the fresh filter kitchen tap. Following this, I will take a stroll outside of my apartment complex and simply think about all of the things I am grateful for in my life, such as my family, my friends, my health and my lifestyle. Following this, I will prepare myself for 30-45 minutes of yoga, in which I would either do inside or outside (preferably down the local beach if it was sunny 🙂). This is my time to prepare myself for the day to come, whether it be an extremely busy day or a day out with friends and family having fun.

8am: Since I like to get my writing for the day done early on zonlifesuccess.com, I would usually get the bulk of my blog posts done in the first part of the day. If i’m feeling incredibly inspired to write a blog about a certain something, nothing will stop me from crushing the content out in just a few hours (a standard blog post would usually take me around 2-3 hours in total – this is with all keyword research and SEO included, with all text, photo and videos in the blog post too). Throughout the time of writing, I cannot help but to drink an excessive amount of coffee (3-4 cups, not too bad 😉) while doing so, and drinking a lot of water in-between also. This time is my time, it’s just my laptop, endless cups of coffee and myself going to work on creating exceptional (if I can say so myself) blog content.

10am: This part of the day is one that really gets me pumped, it’s my time to really focus on the elements on my students Amazon businesses, before doing any further work on my own. I will be replying to private Facebook, Instagram and email messages from people during this time, helping and giving out advise on how they can create more sales with their private label products on Amazon. After dishing out the good vibes to others, I will get up and reply to some personal messages from friends and family (it’s not like I post my entire life everything on Facebook already for all to see though..)! *Haha*

12pm: Amazon FBA biz stuff all the wayyyy homie, and this is my business. Focusing on my Amazon business is something that cannot pass in a single day and not be looked at, not because it has to be looked at and cared for 24/7, just because I have an enormous passion for how it all works, and I am never settled on finding the next best product to sell either. Product research and product selection is a phase of selling on Amazon that truly cannot be looked passed, and this is the one thing I will spend a bulk of my time looking add to enhance my students knowledge and experience when they are going through the phase themselves. Since my Amazon business is very automated now, the main focus on my biz is to keep checking my various product page listings to see what can be improved and so on, then finding out new methods of Amazon’s algorithm that will help my students products to get ranked better and seen more on Amazon’s platform.

2pm: Did I mention Facebook? And coffee? Well, these things go hand in hand. Both of these are a big love in my life and as you know if you follow me on Facebook (Facebook.com/ZonLifeSuccess.com), I post quite a few status updates within a single day (all of help and value, of course). This is the time where I will Facebook my booty off and write as much high quality content for my readers as I possibly can, Amazon FBA related 99.9% of the time (selfies 0.01% of the time, or is that the other way around? 😉) After completing a few #EpicPosts, I will contact some of my homies and ask them if they would like to catch up in the evening for a bite to eat, or a few drinks (yes, I too live a some-what normal lifestyle). My father and I like to hit some afternoon grub most weeks which is cool, mostly so I can tell him how much I love selling on Amazon, he definitely thinks I have a crazy obsession.. (he would be correct).

4pm: Gym time baby! For those who don’t know, I love to hit the iron pit. For years, I have been into lifting weights and keeping fit, so this is something that naturally falls into my perfect day. Training would last around 1-hour and would consist of mainly weights with some cardio on the exercise bike to finish off. After this, I would take a stroll up to my grandparents house (who live 2-minutes drive away from my crib) and catch up with them on their events over the course of the day (whilst drinking another cup of coffee, okay two cups..).

6pm: Usually, I would go and check my Facebook for messages at this time and then write another (shorter than usual) status update (you’ll soon know what I mean by ‘shorter’). If I feel like I could reel off some value to my readers, I would also set up for a Facebook Live and talk more about a topic on amazon FBA that people are struggling with (FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon for those wondering). Then, I would check through my blog to see if everything is functioning correctly before heading out for a meal in the evening with either friends or family 🙂.

8pm: Go out for a meal with my friends and begin to unwind and take my mind off work for the evening. We would usually go to somewhere that serves some nice burgers and chips (fries) in a local restaurant. At this point, I am working on trying to be as present in the moment as I possibly can, enjoying the right now and not thinking about any new ideas in business, or products to sell on Amazon. This is time to relax and enjoy ourselves, away from all distractions and potential stresses of life.

10pm: This is when I will choose a film on Netflix (and sometimes chill 😉) to watch and further relax into sleep mode, not before checking how many sales I made selling on Amazon though of course 😉.

WOW, massive congratulations for those people who actually made it this far into my post – THANK YOU! 🙂

And there it is, I maybe could of kept that a wee bit shorter but what the heck, what’s done is done!

Okay, now it’s your turn – type out in the comments section below your perfect day with nothing held back. It doesn’t have to be as nowhere as detailed as mine, that’s just my writing style. Yours can be structures as simply as this:

7am: Yoga then breakfast

10am: Coffee with my family

3pm: Relax on the beach with an ice cream with friends

6pm: Blog my booty off until I finally get a new reader (LOL)

10pm: Netflix and chill 😉

I think you get the point.. Now get your perfect day typed out below in the comments section!

GO-GO-GO !!! 🙂

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