Amazon + Low P/M Expenses + Travel = TOTAL FCUKING FREEDOM!!!

Did you know that you could actually live on a lot less money than you think? That will help you to live a lifestyle that most would only dream on?

THIS is how you do exactly that! Seriously, check this out..

Before I dive into the numbers (and the good stuff ), let me just show you something that will more than likely blow your little cotton socks off. You ready? You betcha’!

Switzerland next up? F it, why not. SAY WHAA?!

You know, that place in the world that has some of the most delicious chocolate, super fancy watches, flash cars, amazing cheese and wines, and of course the Swiss Alps.

Also, not to mention the obvious but Switzerland is incredibly and breathtakingly B.E.A.U.TIFUL.

“Chris, we get it bro, you have a thing for Switzerland. But whats your point?”

I am relating to travel when talking about this fine ass location, and how affordable it ACTUALLY is to visit stunning places just like Switzerland all around the world.

I have been looking for places to go when I return from the U.S.A in 4 days time, and a place that I really want to go back to and do some further exploring is..

Yep, you guessed it.. Switzerland baby!!

I have been doing some research (like a whole 76.5 seconds worth) and I came across these deals (look at the screenshots in the comment of this post NOW before scrolling back up and reading more).

Yeah, go and check those prices of flights and accommodation out below.

NOW I said, jeez..

Back? Cool.

Let us pro-ceeeeed!

As you can see, prices from London airport (Gatwick) are only £47 as a one way to Malpenza (Milan), which is an hour bus journey into Lugano, passing the magical Como lake on the way (Google this RIGHT NOW if you haven’t seen this yet).

A return flight is £20, but thats if you want to fly back to the destination you flew from or go somewhere else

£155 > the price for 6-nights in an Airbnb located in the heart of Lugano in Switzerland.


Please stop and correct me if i’m wrong but according to my E-Grade calculations, this means someone could get a trip to Switzerland for 6-nights and back for a total price of just £202.

Please somebody speak up now and question how this doesn’t make sense?

Fine, I knew you would have something else to say..

“Yeah Chris, that’s great and all. But how can I afford to take time off work to travel? I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, bills, food, car, insurance. And that’s without my social life spendings and saving. Figure that one out for me bro.”

I understand, I respect that BUT there IS a way you can do this, and it looks a lil’ something like this..

I can remember setting myself up with a daily sales goal for my first product of a very simple and highly achievable of between 8-12 sales per day on Amazon, not that much considering the amount of traffic that Amazon gets per month (which is around 2.5 Billion..).

Any who, that meant that I could pay for all of my living costs (including rent, bills, car, insurance, food and social life).

I knew if I could make 10 sales per day on Amazon with one product over a 7 day period, over a consistent monthly basis, I could make:

> Total monthly revenue: £5,091

> Total monthly NET profit: £2,036 (40% margins)

> Total monthly expenses (including everything): £850

> Total monthly freedom allowance: £1,186

FYI: I sell my product for £16.97 and buy it in from supplier at £3.80 all in (ish).

So, are you telling me that you cannot work out a simple solution to your apparent problem in helping yourself achieve freedom to travel to where ever you wanted, when you wanted (give or take)?

Let me give you another real life example of this..

A local bro comes to me and says “Chris, I’m fed up of working my day job and being a taxi for people in the evenings as my night time job. I have hardly any spare money at the end of the month after bills, can you help me to bring in some additional income per month please?”

And I replied “Sure thing, come round The Hu$tle Station tomorrow and we can sit down and do some product research for Amazon FBA (private label products)”.

The goal for “B” was a couple of hundred bucks extra per month in passive income. As most would say, do you agree?

Then this happened..

We launched his product 12-weeks later, his product flew up to the first page of Amazon for the majority of its main keywords, he sold out of his 500 units within 8-weeks and made himself £8.485 on his first order (35% NET margins – just shy of £3,000 for 8-weeks work, all on auto-pilot).

Now, “B” is continuing the dominate the marketplace, being not only the seller with the most sales velocity, but also the seller at the top spot of page 1 with the highest price on the market.

This is what I call a BIG OL’ FAT WIN in the Amazon world, and it really didn’t require much work at all..I’m sure you would agree when you see this B-man!

Moving on..

Everybody is looking at this whole selling on Amazon thing the wrong way around. Instead of thinking how much money you can MAKE, start to consider how much money you can actually TAKE and use to go towards your freedom (whether that be travelling or quitting your job to work further on creating even more freedom in both time and financials in your life).

If you can earn £2,000 take home from Amazon (or much less) and your expenses are covered, then you can focus in on building your business more whilst visiting some truly stunning places in the world living on a controlled budget whilst doing so.

It’s really NOT that difficult to work and and actually take action on.

What questions do you have about this, if any? Leave them in the comments section below as I know YOU and many others want to do this thing, but something (could be the smallest thing in the world) is holding you back.

Hesitate not, drop your questions and queries below YO!

Another great way to afford travel, is to NOT eat out much and shop for deals at local supermarkets, hit coffee shops to do your work and drink a few coffees over the course of the day, take buses to different parts of where you are. But there is one thing you should NEVER EVER do..

And that’s leave your laptop behind! #LaptopLiiiiiiiiifeStyyyle 😉

But seriously, you can do this. Just like I did (and am currently doing).

“Fear nothing, and embrace everything.”

Remember, we get one fucking life people. We can make time our best friend or our worst enemy. It’s your call, your choice and your decision.

HOLLA if you want or need anything homies.

It’s 3:20am here in the USA, home on 7th June to the UK, maybe.. 🙂

Sleep well USA bros, top of the mornin’ to ya UK bros!


“The more you learn, the more you earn.”

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